Skin Care For Black Men - A Detailed Guide

Skin Care For Black Men - A Detailed Guide

Determining a suitable skincare routine for black skin can undoubtedly be challenging, especially for men. When it comes to skincare, most men are unable to figure out where to start and which products to use.

If not taken care of properly, the melanin-rich skin tone can dry out, develop dark spots, or become uneven. (1) Additionally, the darker skin makes even the slightest problem more glaringly obvious. Indeed, even shaving can cause dramatic irritation. So how do you combat this issue? What's the ideal skincare for black men?

Skincare for black skin is influenced by knowing your skin type. Lifestyle changes are mandatory, and they must apply sunscreen. It's vital to cleanse and exfoliate regularly and keep their face well moisturized. And they should use natural skin care products with minimal chemicals to minimize the risk of irritation.

But can men really be expected to adhere to such skincare routines? How many men actually know the various types of skin? Not many! But if you want to look good and maintain your skin's health, it's time to find out all about skincare for black men and more.

How Can Black Men Take Care Of Their Skin?

Men seem to think that skincare is a waste of time. Yet, they also complain about uneven skin tones and razor bumps. The truth is, skincare for black men isn't really complicated once they find out what works for them. Curious? Let's make it easier for all the men out there who think it's time to work on their skin.

1. Determine Your Skin Type

You can use the best skin care products for black skin. (2) But if it isn't suited to your skin type, you won't really benefit from it. So if you want a skincare regime that works, you need to know your skin type and cater to its specific needs.

What Are The Various Skin Types In Black Men?

Here are the skin types typically found in men.

  • Normal skin: only a blessed few have such skin. This one's not too dry or oily and not too sensitive either. So taking care of this skin is the easiest.
  • Dry skin: this one gets tight and flaky all too easily and is pretty sensitive.
  • Oily skin: the skin products a high amount of oil. Men with this skin type are susceptible to breakouts.
  • Sensitive skin: this skin deserves maximum attention as it can easily dry out, incur bumps, and even itchiness. Anything from sun exposure to some skincare products can pose a problem.
  • Combination skin: some areas of the face, mainly the forehead and nose, are oily, while the rest is dry.
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    2. Make Adequate Lifestyle Changes

    If you really want radiant and healthy skin, it's time to part ways with some habits. (3) Even the best skincare products for black men prove ineffective if your lifestyle isn't suitable. You might not realize it, but a lot of your habits can be contributing to your skin problems and enhancing the signs of aging.

    How To Take Care Of Your Skin With Lifestyle Changes?

    If you are serious about taking care of your skin in the best possible way, here's what you need to do.

    Abstain From Smoking

    Of course, smoking is bad for your overall health. But few know that it also damages skin cells and weakens their structure. Hence, the signs of aging are more apparent on your face. So it's about time you quit if you want younger-looking skin.

    Maintain Hydration

    Hydration plays a pivotal role in keeping your skin healthy and radiant. And it's water your skin needs, not beverages like juices or sodas.

    Improve Sleeping Habits

    Your skin gets the time to rejuvenate as you sleep. So if you want to avoid getting wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots, sleep for up to 6 to 8 hours.

    Deal With Stress

    Stress has a negative impact on your skin and accelerates aging signs. It also worsens breakouts. Figure out methods to de-stress, like meditation.

    3. Apply Sunscreen Before Stepping Out

    No, just because you have black skin does not imply that you don't need sunscreen. This is a common misconception among men that needs to be cleared. Your skin requires protection every time you step out, and sunscreen is vital for this.

    Why Apply Sunscreen?

    Sunscreen protects your skin from UV damage. Unfortunately, UV rays can cause wrinkles, pigmentation problems, and skin cancer in men. And since black men believe they don't need sunscreen, they often fall prey to such issues. (4)

    So whenever you step out of your house for more than 30 minutes, apply sunscreen, even if the day appears cloudy. Typically for black skin, an SPF of 15 or higher is sufficient. Don't forget to reapply if you are outdoors for long hours.

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    4. Make It A Habit To Cleanse

    No. Soap isn't enough to get rid of all the dust and grime that accumulates on your face throughout the day. You need a good cleanser suited to your skin type for this purpose.

    How To Cleanse For Skincare?

    Most black men have oily skin. Some have combination skin type too. Whatever it is, ensure that you find a cleanser meant for your skin type. (5)

    Cleanse your face twice daily, in the morning and before retiring to bed. And if your skin is oily, you can cleanse midday to get rid of the accumulated oil. Use lukewarm water to wash your face after applying a natural cleanser.

    5. Exfoliate Your Skin Regularly

    Dead skin cells are bound to accumulate and clog your pores with time. So if you want to avoid breakouts and ensure that your skin doesn't appear lackluster, exfoliating it on time is mandatory.

    How To Exfoliate Your Skin?

    It's recommended to use a good face scrub before and after shaving. The exfoliating face scrub before shaving will loosen the hair, bringing ingrown hairs above the surface. Hence, the risk of razor bumps too will be minimized, and you will get a cleaner shave. Scrubbing the area after shaving will prevent ingrown hair.

    The face scrub suitable for black men should also comprise a dose of moisturizing ingredients in addition to the natural scrubbing particles. This prevents the formation of flakes. (6)

    6. Don't Forget To Moisturize

    Most black men think that since their skin is already oily, they don't need to moisturize. But, that is definitely not the case. If you want to avoid uneven skin tones and flaky skin, moisturization is vital. (7)

    How To Moisturize?

    Your skin needs daily hydration to maintain an even tone. Apply a moisturizer devoid of chemicals all over your face after cleansing it. You can substitute the moisturizer with an aftershave if you have shaved any part of the face in the past three days.

    This is because the aftershave contains antiseptics that will prevent inflammation. At the same time, it will give your skin the nutrition it requires.

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    7. Select Suitable Skincare Products

    Skincare for black men should majorly comprise natural products with minimal chemicals. This is because black skin is more susceptible to irritation. So it's best to refrain from anything that contains chemicals and toxins. Going natural is your safest bet.

    Keep in mind that pigment cells are highly sensitive. And when they come in contact with anything harsh, it results in the development of dark spots.

    How To Deal With Some Common Skin-Related Problems

    We have provided you with a basic skincare routine for black men that should work for all. Let's now give you a brief insight into some skin issues that black men often face and how to deal with them.

     Ingrown Hairs And Razor Bumps

    Black-skinned men typically have stronger and curlier hair. As a result, the hair curls back on itself, increasing the chances of ingrown hairs and razor bumps.

    Regular exfoliation can help you in dealing with this issue. It will get rid of the dead skin cells and keep your skin clear and radiant.

    Uneven Skin Tone

    Any kind of damage to the skin's surface leads to the release of melanin. And the excess melanin production leads to dark spots.

    It's advisable to use a lightweight moisturizer to combat this issue. This will not only help maintain an even skin tone but also make your skin more radiant. In addition, exfoliating your skin gently also helps smooth the skin texture as cell renewal is accelerated.

    Overproduction Of Oil

    Black men typically have oily skin. While this means that you won't be getting wrinkles anytime soon, it makes your skin more susceptible to breakouts.

    Using a moisturizer with hyaluronic acid can provide your skin with the hydration it needs while keeping the shininess in check too.

    Give Your Skin The Care It Deserves

    Skincare for black men isn't really complicated once you have crafted a proper skincare regime. All that you need to do is find products suited to your skin type and make it a habit to cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize your face regularly.

    Make some necessary lifestyle changes in your life and refrain from using harsh chemicals on your skin. And before you know it, you will get the radiant and healthy-looking skin that you had always wanted.