How To Get Clearer Skin For Black Men

How To Get Clearer Skin For Black Men

Men don't seem invested in skincare as much as women. While women spend quite a bit on their skin, men mainly consider it to be a waste. But clear and vibrant skin is something everyone wants.

One primary reason of men putting off skincare is that they find it too complicated. But that's not necessarily the case. In fact, skincare for men is much less complex and more straightforward. Once you know the basic steps, you will easily be able to follow them through to get a blemish-free skin like you always wanted. So how to get clearer skin for men?

Men can get clearer skin by adhering to a skincare routine suited to their skin type. Make it a point to wash your face before going to bed. Find the cause of your acne and eradicate it from the root. Exfoliate your skin regularly and keep it moisturized. Make lifestyle changes and avoid pulling an all-nighter.

But how will you manage all this? Surely this is going to take hours. And who has the time and energy to invest in skincare? The truth is, skincare actually doesn't take up a lot of your time. Once you make it a part of your routine, it won’t seem so much of an effort. Confused? Here's how clearer skin is now within your reach.

Steps For Getting Clearer Skin For Men

While men don't want to focus on skincare, even they lose sleep due to aging signs and blemishes on their faces. But they aren't sure what they can do about this. Before we elaborate more on the steps needed to get clearer skin for men, here's how you should evaluate your skin.

  • Figure out a skincare system suitable for your lifestyle
  • Make lifestyle changes by altering your dietary habits and sleeping on time
  • Determine what's causing your breakouts

Indeed, sometimes, a few tweaks here and there are enough to give you vibrant-looking skin. But if you are willing to go the extra mile, and put in a little bit more effort, let's take you through the steps that can make getting clearer skin a breeze.

But before we get started, the first thing you need to do is change your mindset. Skincare is not only about vanity or appearances. It's also a vital step for your overall health and wellbeing. So clear the misconception that a well-groomed man who takes care of his skin is all about looks. It merely implies that he wants to look his presentable best at all times. And now, let's proceed with the skincare routine that can do wonders for you.

how to get clearer skin for black men

1.  Wash Your Face Before Retiring For The Night

After a long hard day at work, there's nothing more that you want to do than just slip into your bed and drift off. Skincare is the last thing on your mind. But pause for a moment and think about it. Does it really seem a good idea to sleep with all that dirt and grime on your face?

What To Do Before Going To Bed?

So how can you get clearer skin with your nighttime skincare routine? Use a facial cleanser for men to clean your face and get rid of all the germs and dirt clogged in your pores. (1) And then apply a men's nighttime moisturizer.

The nighttime moisturizer will replenish and repair your skin as you sleep. You will get a clearer and brighter complexion before you even know it.

2.  Determine The Cause Of Your Breakout

The frequent breakouts can wear anyone out. You find yourself being increasingly annoyed with every zit on your face. But more often than not, the clue to the reason for the breakout is hidden in the location of the acne.

How To Find The Cause Of Your Acne

Acne around the mouth is typically due to hormonal changes. (2) Similarly, more often than not, the acne on the forehead can be attributed to oily skin. (3) Acne around the temples and forehead is primarily due to the clogging of pores by hair gel.

Face mapping (4) is an effective technique to figure out the cause of acne, enabling you to take appropriate measures to deal with it.

How To Use Salicylic Acid To Get Rid Of Acne

The power of salicylic acid against acne is well-known. (5) This is a plant-based ingredient that works like a miracle for acne sufferers. And to top it, it's pretty safe too.

But most people make the mistake of using this ingredient in a facial cleanser. This wouldn't get the job done to perfection since salicylic acid will be washed off within merely two minutes of scrubbing.

So for men who want to get clearer skin, the best way will be to use an acne cream comprising salicylic acid as an active ingredient. (6) It will make your acne history in no time.

3.  Regular Exfoliation Is A Must

With time, your skin's old and dead cells clog up your pores. Sounds disturbing, doesn't it? These dead cells make your face appear dull and lacklustre. So a mandatory step for getting clearer skin for men is exfoliating it regularly. (7)

How To Exfoliate For Clearer Skin?

It's advisable to exfoliate your skin with a men's face scrub at least twice a week. This will slough off the dead cells, making your skin look brighter, healthy, and youthful. It will also keep acne at bay. (8)

However, it's vital not to get carried away. Avoid exfoliating your face more than twice a week. This will do more harm than good as your skin will dry out, causing acne. And this holds true for oily skin too.

Exfoliate For Clearer Skin

4.  Adequate Moisturization Helps

It's a common perception among men that the skin gets clearer if they avoid applying moisturizer. This is far from true.

Why Keeping Skin Moisturized Is Vital?

Most skin care products can dry out the skin, specifically the ones formulated to combat acne. These effects can only be countered with adequate moisturization. Furthermore, hydration helps the skin lose the sebum accumulated in the pores. (9)

If the skin is dried out, excess sebum production occurs. This leads to breakouts. So to get clearer skin for men, using a men's moisturizer is crucial. Select a product that gets the job done without making your skin look greasy.

It's best to use a men's face moisturizer with a light SPF, as this will also protect your face from the UV rays.

5.  Adhere To A Skincare Routine

Once you have figured out which products work for your skin, stick to them. You don't have to get entangled in a complicated skincare routine. Even the basics will suffice to get you clearer skin, but only if you stick to them.

Keep in mind that changing your skincare products frequently will only increase your problems and pave the way for more breakouts.

6.  Make Much-Needed Lifestyle Changes

Men love pulling all-nighters. But if you want clearer skin, all this has to become a thing of the past. It's time to make some significant changes in your lifestyle for your skin's betterment. (10)

Get Adequate Sleep

Keep in mind that your skin repairs and regenerates when you sleep. So it's not really surprising that men who barely sleep for a couple of hours each night have dull skin. You are not giving your skin enough time to recover from the onslaught of your daytime activities!

Since your skin doesn't get the time to heal properly, the blemishes worsen, and you also notice dark under-eye circles. Lack of sleep can also cause acne as it leads to an increase in your cortisol levels.

Cortisol stimulates the sebaceous glands in the skin to produce more oil. So if you want to get clearer skin, give it the break it deserves and get rid of your poor sleeping habits.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

We don't really need to stress the importance of this one. It's pretty well-known that if you want healthy and glowing skin, you have to drink plenty of water throughout the day. How else will your body get rid of all the toxins that have been wearing your skin out?

Abstain From Sugar Intake

This is not going to be easy. But if you are serious about getting clearer skin, you will have to make this sacrifice. Sugar causes breakouts, so any food item with high sugar content can be a problem for your skin.

The thing is, glucose leads to an increase in insulin levels. As a result, a burst of inflammation is sent throughout your body which triggers breakouts. Additionally, glucose is also known to increase free radicals production. This has been substantiated via studies. So if you want brighter and youthful skin, lay off sugar to reduce the risk of breakouts significantly.

Make Much-Needed Lifestyle Changes

Get Clearer Skin With Minimal Effort Now!

Taking care of your skin is easier than you could have anticipated. All you need to do is ensure that you wash your face regularly with a cleanser, exfoliate it twice a week and apply moisturizer. Some minor lifestyle changes, and you can bid farewell to your dull skin forever. After all, it's a small price to pay for radiant and vibrant skin, isn't it?